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About the clinic

VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE was founded by surgeon Rostyslav Valikhnovski in 1998. Today, the Institute is one of the leading medical institutions in Ukraine with a 20-year history. Professional achievements of the Institute founder Rostyslav Valikhnovski and our specialists in the field of surgery are known and recognized not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Institute has gathered the best specialists in the field of surgery, so patients come to us in situations, when consultation or surgical care of the highest degree of complexity with the participation of surgeons of various profiles is required. Institute is located in the center of Kyiv, in a modern eco-style building. It offers comfortable rooms with everything necessary for a quick recovery, modern equipment designed to solve any surgical problems.

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VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE has team of top experts in the field of surgery. Our doctors are dedicated and work wonders for your health.



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modern clinic
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Why we?

The main thing in the surgeon's job is the desire and opportunity to help, guided by dedication to his work. We rely on many years of experience and combine it with modern knowledge, technology, service, as well as faith and work.

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Trust of Presidents

Top officials of Ukraine and outstanding figures of our time trust their health to Valikhnovski Surgery Institute. Head of clinic, Rostyslav Valikhnovski, together with international medical team, peformed about 30 surgical plastic surgeries to President of Ukraine Viktor Yushchenko after dioxin poisoning.

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Unique experience

VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE has hundreds of complex operations performed by a few medical institutions in the world (very often Institute says “yes” and treats even those patients who were refused by other surgical clinics), many successful treatment histories and saved lives.

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VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE is located in the center of Kyiv, next to the Amosov National Institute of Cardiovascular Surgery. The new building of the clinic was made in 2017 in accordance with all international requirements and standards of medical institutions and has a unique eco-style.

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Public company

VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE is a public company, its founder, Honored Doctor of Ukraine Rostyslav Valikhnovski, is a public figure and famous surgeon, whom you can always contact personally.

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HARVARD works with us

The key to the Valikhnovski Surgery Institute in 2019 was the collaboration with American colleagues at Harvard Medical School and the Boston Shriners Hospitals for Children Boston Clinic. These are the leaders in the field of pediatric medicine, which equals surgeons around the world, in particular, and in the field of pediatric plastic surgery. We have been able to exchange experience and innovations in modern birth defects. We have also jointly organized a large nationwide charity project to treat patients with the most complex malformations of the upper lip, applying the highest standards of anesthesiology. Thus, a unique surgical treatment of the "rabbit lip" was performed in 12 patients aged from one to three months.

Фото: Клініка преміум класу

Diamond partner of Congress MASC

Valikhnovski Surgery Institute is a diamond partner of the MASC Surgery Congress. 40 foreign speakers and discussing extremely complex topics in face transplantation, cell therapy, reconstruction of congenital and acquired defects in the human body and more. Within the framework of the congress at the Valikhnovski Surgery Institute, Professor Nazim Cerkes (Turkey) - First Vice President ISAPS and Dr. Marcos Harel (Israel) performed secondary open rhinoplasty and primary rhinoplasty by closed method.

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Organizer of the congress KGSC

Valikhnovski Surgery Institute organized Kyiv Global Surgery Congress '17. The largest surgical congress in Ukraine of the world scale, bringing together the best surgeons in the field of emergency, general and military surgery. The congress was attended by world-class surgeons from 12 countries who shared their experiences, including interactively through online live broadcasts. This is the first time in Ukraine that the presentation of European protocols and standards for surgical care has taken place. Ukraine has also been the exclusive headliner for military surgery, presenting its experience as a trendsetter for military surgery in Europe and the world.

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DISCOVERY works with us

For the first time in the history of Ukrainian medicine, the team of the legendary and most famous medical television project BODY BIZARRE (Discovery TV channel) worked at the Valikhnovski Surgery Institute. It has been aired since 2013 and is watched daily by 2 billion viewers worldwide. Within the framework of the Valikhnovski Surgery Institute TV project, surgical treatment of an extremely complex and rare disease, namely Madellung's syndrome, was performed. Only 300 cases of this pathology have been described in the medical literature.


Television projects have allowed millions of people to get acquainted with the capabilities of our specialists and the achievements of modern Ukrainian surgery.


The purpose of the project is to give people joy, to open the road to the future, because the past life of these people was imperfect due to uncertainty and unattractive appearance. The so-called “Rescue Team” help the participants of the TV show.

1+1 TV chanel


The medical section of Dr. Valikhnovski in “Breakfast with 1+1” contains answers to the most pressing questions regarding your health, well-being and surgery.

1+1 TV chanel


This is a program through which dozens of Ukrainians defeated their complexes, and most of them underwent successful surgeries, and now each of them lives in harmony with himself and his appearance.

СТБ TV chanel


The participants of the My New Life project are women who mistakenly blame their "non-ideal" appearance for their failures. The team of project experts and presenter of makeover will help the heroines radically change their lives for the better.



“Ukraine speaks” - the project discusses events that shocked the country, and topics that are significant for thousands of people. Each of them is revealed through specific human destinies, life's troubles and thoughts.


It concerns everyone - these are stories about each of us, about our actions and inaction, about our reaction to what is happening around. This is a lesson in personal responsibility, active civic position and indifferent attitude to oneself and others.
IНТЕР TV chanel


Reviews about our clinic are available on many resources on the Internet. For your convenience, we have collected them on this page.

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