Season 3 Season 2 Season 1

Season 3

Season 3
Sensual transformations on the 1+1 TV channel. The candid show "Give me back my beauty" helps women become more self-confident. All of them have a certain external defect that prevents them from enjoying life. In each issue, project experts teach participants how to become better. They work with the style, appearance and complexes of the heroines. Reincarnation will not be easy, but it will radically change the lives of women. Due to the selection of a special style, getting rid of a physical defect and increasing self-esteem, extraordinary changes occur. Will the contestants be able to get through all the difficulties? Will they like the change? Will "reincarnation" make them happier?

3 Season 1 Issue

The story of Maria Onopriyak

3 Season 2 Issue

The story of Daria Boyko

3 Season 3 Issue

The story of Maryna Stratievskaya

3 Season 4 Issue

The story of Antonina Rybitskaya

3 Season 5 Issue

The story of Vyta Kartushan

3 Season 6 Issue

The story of Anastasia Danchenko

Season 2

Season 2
The TV channel "1+1" presents the new season of the project of the incredible reincarnated "Bring back my beauty - 2". The stories of the new heroines are even more complicated than in the first season of the project, and the diagnoses are almost hopeless. Our team of professionals is ready to help program participants. But is it impossible for experts? In the new season, the fight for beauty and life will become even more exciting.

2 Season 1 Issue

The story оf Oksana Shevchun

2 Season 2 Issue

The story of Tatyana Voronina

2 Season 3 Issue

The story of Anna Nudko

2 Season 4 Issue

The story of Elena Kudryavtseva

2 Season 5 Issue

The story of Aleksandra Hutsuliak

Season 1

Season 1
"Give me back my beauty" is a project about incredible transformations of women. The heroines of the show are people whose external defects have literally broken their lives, who are on the brink and in dire need of help. Participation in the project for them is the last chance to become happy again and change not just their appearance, but their life. Each episode of the project is the story of an incredible transformation, a miracle that will happen before the eyes of TV viewers. Every heroine in this show is reborn. Fate prepared so many tragedies, sufferings, pain and tears for them that they learned not to believe in miracles. The most difficult cases, the most hopeless diagnoses. And only in our program will they try to help.
Transformations of the heroines, both external and internal, will take place with help; "Rescue teams", each member of which is the best specialist in his field. Dr. Rostyslav Valikhnovsky is an honored doctor of Ukraine, a member of the All-Ukrainian Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons. Psychologist Olena Lyubchenko has 15 years of psychotherapeutic experience in Ukrainian realities."Rescue team" is not called that by chance. Not "Beauty Team", not "Support Team", namely "Rescue Team". Because only these specialists and only in such a composition can do the impossible - save our heroines. To save not only their beauty, to save their family, relationships with loved ones. "Rescue Team" gives our heroines one last chance to come back to life!

1 Season 1 Issue

The story of Oksana Shevchuk

1 Season 2 Issue

The story of Alina Petko

1 Season 3 Issue

The story of Anna Nudko

1 Season 4 Issue

The story of Lyudmila Bela

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