The project “I am ashamed of my body” on the TV channel “STB” is an adaptation of the popular British medical TV project Embarrassing Bodies on the BBC channel. According to the format of the program, leading doctors help the heroes of the project get rid of external defects or make them minimally visible, thus giving people the opportunity to start a new life. The leaders of the project are qualified Ukrainian doctors who go to the regions of Ukraine in search of heroes willing to get rid of external defects in order to change their lives for the better. “I’m ashamed of my body” is a very brave and frank project, in which they are not afraid of naked people, uncovered body defects, intimate topics and unpleasant diseases.

Volodymyr Kishchenko

Diagnosis: Lipoma of the left cheek
Operation: Removal of lipoma of the left cheek

Sergey Rybkin

Diagnosis: Giant inoperable umbilical hernia
Operation: Hernioplasty. Endoprosthesis of the anterior abdominal wall with a synthetic mesh (Prolene)

Vyacheslav Kryvosheev

Diagnosis: Alimentary ptosis of the soft tissues of the abdomen with a degree. Condition after losing weight
Operation: Liposuction of local fat deposits of the front abdominal wall

Larisa Dyatlyuk

Diagnosis: Hemangioma of the scalp on the right
Operation: Removal of hemangiomas of the scalp on the right

Anna Tsybenko

Diagnosis: Post-traumatic cicatricial deformation of the chin and lower lip
Operation: Removal of cicatricial deformation of the chin and lower lip

Arsen Seitumerov

Diagnosis: Merkelson-Rosenthal syndrome
Operation: Plastic surgery of the lower lip

Margarita Orlova

Diagnosis: Multiple cicatricial deformations of the face after piercing
Operation: Removal of сicatricial deformities of the face

Lidia Mykhaylova-Vitenko

Diagnosis: Hypermastia. Mastoptosis of the 3rd degree
Operation: Reconstructive mammoplasty according to Lejur

Mykhailo Teryukhanov

Diagnosis: Post-traumatic defect of the left suprabrow arch
Operation: Endoprosthesis of the left brow arch

Oleksandr Chekhlai

Diagnosis: Post-traumatic deformation of the external nose. Curvature of the nasal membrane
Operation: Open rhinoseptoplasty

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