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The project “I am ashamed of my body” on STB TV channel is an adaptation of the popular British medical television project “Embarrassing Bodies” on BBC. According to the format of program, leading doctors help the heroes of the project get rid of external flaws or make them minimally noticeable, thus giving people the opportunity to start a new life. The project presenters are qualified Ukrainian doctors who go to the regions of Ukraine in search of heroes who want to get rid of external flaws in order to change their lives for the better. “I am ashamed of my body” is a very bold and candid project that does not fear naked people, body defects, intimate topics and unpleasant illnesses. However, it is extremely important and useful, helping disadvantaged people get rid of physical disabilities.

Третий сезон Третий сезон Volodymyr Kyshchenko. Diagnosis: Left cheek lipoma. Surgery: Left cheek lipoma removal.
Третий сезон Третий сезон Serhii Rybkin. Diagnosis: Giant irreducible umbilical hernia. Surgery: Hernioplasty. Synthetic mesh endoprosthetics of the anterior abdominal wall (Prolene)
Третий сезон Третий сезон Viacheslav Kryvosheiev. Diagnosis: Alimentary ptosis of the abdominal soft tissues of the 3rd degree. Condition after losing weight. Surgery: Liposuction of local fat deposits of anterior abdominal wall. Abdomenoplasty without navel transposition.
Третий сезон Третий сезон Larysa Diatliuk. Diagnosis: Hemangioma of the scalp on the right. Surgery: Removal of hemangioma of the scalp on the right
Третий сезон Третий сезон Hanna Tsybenko. Diagnosis: Post-traumatic scar deformity of the chin and lower lip. Surgery: Removal of scar deformity of the chin and lower lip.
Третий сезон Третий сезон Arsen Seitumerov. Diagnosis: Merkelsson-Rosenthal Syndrome. Surgery: Lower lip plastic surgery
Третий сезон Третий сезон Marharyta Orlova. Diagnosis: Multiple scar deformities of the face after piercing. Surgery: Removal of scar deformities of the face
Третий сезон Третий сезон Lidiia Mykhailova-Vitenko. Diagnosis: Hypermastia. Mastoptosis, stage 3. Surgery: Reconstructive mammoplasty by Lejoir technique
Третий сезон Третий сезон Mykhailo Teriukhanov. Diagnosis: Post-traumatic defect of the left superciliary arch. Surgery: Endoprosthetics of the left superciliary arch
Третий сезон Третий сезон Oleksandr Chekhlai. Diagnosis: Post-traumatic deformity of the external nose. Deviated septum. Surgery: Open septorhinoplasty
Третий сезон Третий сезон Yana Kotenko. Diagnosis: Varicose disease. Varicose veins of the lower extremities. Surgery: Venectomy of the lower extremities
Третий сезон Третий сезон Alina Dmytrenko. Diagnosis: Hyperhidrosis. Surgery: laser removal of sweat glands under the armpits
Третий сезон Третий сезон Oksana Moshenska. Diagnosis: Deviated septum, atrophy of the nasal mucosa. Bone crest of the nasal septum on the left. Surgery: Removal the bone crest

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