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Battlefield surgery

Battlefield surgery is a branch of clinical medicine that deals with the surgical care to victims of hostilities.

There is a war going on in Ukraine, as a result of which many servicemen and combatants are injured.

The Valikhnovski Surgery Institute in Kyiv, as a top medical institution in Ukraine, which provides highly specialized surgical care, performs a wide range of surgical interventions.

Combat surgical injury includes:

  • combined injuries;
  • gunshot injuries –
    • bullet injuries,
    • shrapnel injuries,
    • mine-explosive injuries,
    • explosive injuries
  • non-gunshot injuries
    • mechanical injuries,
    • fire injuries;
  • damage by impressive factors –
    • thermal,
    • chemical,
    • radiation,
    • others,
    • combined injuries.

If necessary, the doctors consult people not only in Ukraine, but also in any country in the world, both in the clinic itself in Kyiv and online by prior appointment.



VALIKHNOVSKI SURGERY INSTITUTE has team of top experts in the field of surgery. Our doctors are dedicated and work wonders for your health.


1. The entire range of services for the treatment of the consequences of a combat injury.

2. Cooperation with military hospitals of Ukraine and Europe.

3. Attracting funding from charitable funds for the treatment of the wounded.

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